Rockin Socket

Earlier today I was tearing apart my office looking for an extension cord (unsuccessfully). If only I had this wall socket design by Nguyen Tuan Anh. The primary feature is an integrated extension cord that allows the user to easily pull and return the plug to the wall. This unique universal socket caters to travelers, gadget-lovers, and home owners alike, making power conversion easier, intuitive and definitely more convenient. This is thinking outside the box at its best!

Designer: Nguyen Tuan Anh


  • Zohar says:

    I’m from Israel and the sockets don’t look anything like that, our sockets are like in Europe.

  • troll face but right says:

    design totally neglects grounding… very few plugs in europe feature this thin look. Most are round with the two prongs located at the center and on the top and bottom you have connections for ground. If you run a machine with high voltage off of an ungrounded outlet you run the risk of electrocution.

    So… no… doesn’t work, try again

  • Vinicius says:

    I’m from Brazil and the new standard is similar to the Swiss, but we still use the European and North/South American…

  • Jimmy C says:

    @troll face but right: A little more tact, if you will. This isn’t an actual plug people are installing right now, it’s just a design. The main focus is on the extention cord application. You should have looked a little closer at this one before making a judgement.

  • Rob says:

    Pay no mind to the Trolls, Jimmy.

  • Tim says:

    Clever! Keep working on this design, it’s a great idea 🙂

  • Erik Moen says:

    This would work, if electrical power was as simple as “make the metal pieces be inside something” and nobody wants to “have walls thinner than half a meter”. Oh, and people wanted to “spend approximately five times as much” on every socket in their houses and “get an electrician” every time they damage an extension cord.

    Oh, and from an engineering perspective: Never use anything more power-hungry than a laptop or the coiled up cable could melt.

    A last bit: if there’s supposed to be a British socket here somewhere, the movable part would be at least 10 cm tall, and the wall bit as big as a paperback book.

  • Jim says:

    Add a USB adapter to this. I would never have my iphone charging cords laying around the counter again!

  • Hunter says:

    … or to the man behind the curtain.

  • Hunter says:

    When I got to the fifth picture, I thought my monitor was trying to smile at me in fourteen different ways.

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