Chop ‘n Pour

Experience is a good teacher they say and designer Junjie Piao learnt a good lesson with it. A stint in chopping celery sticks left him frustrated, especially when it was time to scoop and transfer them to a bowl. He decided to “design something to make this process easier without disturbing slicing.” Thus was born Pour-Smart, an L-shaped plastic piece and a bar of strong magnet. The contraption allows you to chop and easily transfer food from the cutting board to a bowl. Simple and very useful is my verdict!

Designer: Junjie Piao


  • Grey says:

    Cool idea, but it will be a visual interference (Loss of fingers) Knife on its own works fine, considering you will most likely use your hand because the poor action will not be quick enough.

    Sorry but I’m not convinced yet..

  • Jimmy C says:

    It is a nice idea, however it can’t be used on smaller knives.

  • Stefanos says:

    nice 😉

  • Xiaoman Wang says:

    a little bit dangrous actually

  • Van Wippesteijn says:

    The plastic also shields one’s face from splattering blood, might one cut one’s fingers off…

  • spoilsport says:

    it’s useless, since most of the kitchen knives are made of austenitic stainless steel (AISI 303 or similar) which is non-magnetic.
    This thing just doesn’t work with conventional knives. In the pictures you can clearly see, that the user is holding the plastic piece with his hand..

    I wonder why the designer would post this after building a non-working prototype..

    • Fred says:

      “…most of the kitchen knives are … non-magnetic”
      I guess all those magnetic knife rack manufacturers are kicking themselves

  • product tank says:

    When Chefs transfer food to a pan they do it using the flat of the knife as in image 2 without the need for a plastic edge, its superfluous. Or they pick the chopping board up, there are good examples of chopping boards that fold into scoops, like the Joseph-Joseph design.

  • spoilsport says:

    i just went to my kitchen with a magnet and checked.. i was wrong 😀 i guess only high quality cutlery is non magnetic…

    ..well, cool design 😉

  • Stein69conv says:

    In the Netherlands we can already buy a foldable cutting board without the stupid magnet..

  • oceangirl says:

    Ok la. One inquiry: how do you scoop it without grazing your hand?

  • kai flank says:

    lol for noobs

  • MissConcept says:

    good one

  • Derek Pullen says:

    Actually there are a couple of things that can be done to this design to make it great.

    Implant the magnet into the plastic to make it easy cleaning and even dishwasher safe.

    Shrink the magnet to about 0.5 inches even 0.25.

    It’s a magnet so don’t cut with it on. Do your cutting and then pop it onto the knife and then scoop. It turns any knife into a scoop including smaller knifes if the magnet is long but narrow.

  • Jimmy C says:

    @Derek Pullen: I like your thinking!

  • Hunter says:

    Place the plastic shield on the other side of the knife to be truly effective. Seeing as most people are right-handed (the pictured design could be your left-handed version), placing the shield on the right side will help prevent bloody slip-ups such as those expressed above.

  • Hunter says:

    Or you could design the shield to be a sheath for the blade itself and instruct users to only use the sheath when the product is needed as a scoop.

    (h/t Derek Pullen)

  • sohbet says:

    good thanks babos

  • Sohbet says:

    his was really a good post!!!

  • Fred says:

    Yet another solution in search of a problem

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