Ironing with a Twist

The 360 Iron is the result of an exploration into the evolution of the common iron and a representation of key improvements made to an appliance that has otherwise experienced minimal change over the years. The design revolves around a flexible, ergonomic joint that transfers twisting of the wrist to the iron itself thereby reducing hand-strain. A touch-screen display replaces complex dials and buttons adding to its intuitiveness and overall easy of use.

Designer: Bernardo Bajana

360 iron from Bernardo Bajana on Vimeo.


  • Jimmy C says:

    I like the idea! Can’t wait to have one!

  • IT Rush says:

    What the heck is this thing.. love the idea though..

  • deadcat says:

    looks very pretty. Kinda reminds me of how all the nespresso designs go for neat design and colors.but seems the electrical cord’s gonna instantly suck a lot of beauty out of this. also you will need a proper iron stand because you can’t make it stand on its own. :0

  • MDesigns says:

    The thing that frustrates my wife the most while doing ironing, is the stress and subsequent forearm and wrist pain this chore causes. This iron seems to address that. I hope it works.

  • eurichs07 says:

    I like your break up of materials but would want the water tank to be transparent or at least have a window. Nice design though!

  • gi_design says:

    The tip of iron is used for ironing precisely in some small or narrow areas. This design cannot help exert force on the tip, which makes the design looks good, or we could say avant garde on the aesthetic, but not comprehensive in terms of function.

  • Hunter says:

    The world may never know…

  • gabor kiss says:

    cool! left and right handed design
    like it

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