Carrying Case for the MacAddict

Designed with MacBook users in mind, this computer tote by features a durable exterior made of a similar anodized aluminum as the MacBook as well as a super-soft internal skin. It will protect your precious Apple at all times, but it also works great as a place to rest your computer when you’re using it on-the-go. Rest it comfortably on your knees when you’re sitting and you’ll find that your laptop is at a comfortable height, stable and isn’t transmitting heat to your legs! Get it here!

Designer: DDP Studio


  • Tim says:

    Nice. I like the pairing of hard aluminum and soft neoprene.

  • Ruben says:

    How is this going to be abled to sustain everyday use?? I mean… it’s a thin sheet of aluminum… It’ll surely bend …
    Looks nice though 🙂

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