Comment to WIN The Crumpler Dry Red # 5 Backpack

Welcome to the Christmas homestretch! We are days away from the big holiday and the only thing going in my mind is should I pack in my laptop for my weekend getaway! It’s not a trick question, but yeah…on a vacation would you carry your laptop and why? The most innovative answer will get this beautiful Crumpler Dry Red # 5 Backpack.

To Win:

  • On a vacation, will you carry your laptop and why?

Contest Rules:

  • Contest Closes: 22nd December, midnight PST
  • Contest Open Worldwide
  • Standard contest Rules Apply

Crumpler Dry Red # 5 is a multi-tasking backpack and is the ideal companion for any laptop-toting traveler. It features a mini office organizer up front, a padded sleeve for your 15-inch MacBook at the rear, and in between, an expandable general cargo space. It comes with its own cable pouch! How Cool!

Here is a snippet that you will enjoy, Crumpler funds young cinemakers and has funded some cool projects. Watch this video to know more.


  • In previous times I was always wearing a backbag, but while most current ones are just not in line with my current style I am not wearing them anymore.

    This amazing backbag from Crumpler is a totally different story and one I would wear with proud. And promote the brand here in The Netherlands.

  • Jason says:

    Perfect bag for the work and for the outback trip!

  • Preston says:

    If I was on vacation, I would definitely start taking my laptop along with me if I had a bag like this! Whenever something comes up, whether it be an extreme emergency or if I was just lost, the laptop would be the first thing I’d think of grabbing. Also, as a young aspiring photographer and designer I’d love to have a functional bag like this wherever I go because all of the bags I use right now aren’t the greatest.

  • Adna says:

    Laptop on a vacation… you can watch movies (instead of racking up the hotel bill by ordering movies), view/edit your photos (that you just took) or catch up with some work. I think carrying a laptop is much more practicable than using a phone (with a small screen to begin with) to do anything (unless you have an iPad but a laptop for me, personally, is quite more efficient tool). And this bag looks so nice and has quite cool organizing space. I like the black/red combo. It is also a stylish bag for a girl too.

  • Roberto Franca says:

    Hum. How do you give an innovative answer for this question? Is it buy changing the subject, avoiding the answer, using special icon symbols, just giving a clever response…? I´ll try the smiley face, just in case 🙂
    Anyway, Betty my baby ( my mac ) stays home for this getaway…for one good personal reason:
    – 363 days is computer day and 2 days is family day.

    Marry X-mas.

  • Connor says:

    If i get this don’t expect to get your bloody black backpack back!

  • Brian Hickey says:

    I like the design of the bag. and yes, having a laptop on vacation with me is absolutely essential. Having a bag like this will be perfect being that i ship off to college next year, this is just what i could use! It’s innovative, practical and simple…perfect!

  • Connor says:

    I always have to bring a backpack on vacation to carry my laptop. If it wasnt strapped to my back I would lose it!

  • james says:

    yes i take my laptop on vacation! I’d be hella pissed if it got stolen, or broken by someone other than ME while i was away…

  • Naxo says:

    YES, because I can, some days I even don’t turn it on, I just carry it in case of anything.

  • Connor says:

    I would bring my laptop on vacation so that I can tweet my way into the pants of the women in whatever location said vacation is taking place. And stay up to date on new designs on yanko designs 🙂

  • Zeke says:

    Pretty interesting backpack design, though I quite like how it has such easy access to the laptop compartment. Always a good find on yankodesign

  • During vacation, I prefer to carry along my laptop in case I need in. However, I don’t use it very much compare to my working days

  • Zeke says:

    I’m going to Spain soon to study abroad for the semester. I’m going to count that as my vacation in the sense that I’ll be traveling extensively during my time there. Looking at this bag and its design, I would say this is a wonderful bag that meets everything I could ask for. It has space for my laptop, with easy access to it for me so I can check my email and touch base with my family back home, it has a pouch exclusively for the purpose of storing cables, which is something anyone who has traveled with electronics has to deal with. They tend to take up space that you would rather store something else in, but here, with this bag, they are stored away in their own compartment allowing the main space of the bag to hold your main items. This is a great bag design, definitely something I would want to have while traveling, definitely something I would recommend to those who are traveling.

  • Brad says:

    no, because of:

    *) Smart phone
    *) 16-32GB memory cards
    *) portable 1.5+TB hard drives

  • Albert Louis says:

    Yes, I would carry it with me. As a designer, you are a multi-tasker, and as a multi-tasker, you need your laptop.

  • Jason Wang says:

    Of course I carry my laptops on vacation!

    Most people don’t know it, but a running laptop makes a great bed warmer/heat pad. Also an excellent survival tool because of this. Bear Grylls unofficially approves.

    Also PROTIP: Reflecting the sun from the screen in a bears eyes stuns them.

  • Sher Ahsan Kamran says:

    I am a business professional, my laptop and my cell phone is my life line to my customers, vacation or no vacation I need to keep them with me and stay connected. And if you have a great package (like the dry red) to carry your life line nothing beats it.

  • Lori W says:

    Of course. I’m always editing photos I’ve just taken and sending them to family and friends. Don’t forget social media. Plus a handy lapwarmer as well as something to keep you occupied while being stranded in an airport during the holidays.

  • Ness Ruva says:

    I would, why not? A laptop is a great item to take on a trip. It allows you to stay in contact with family and friends if wifi is available, and now days it is not difficult depending on the place. It provides a place to place and keep things such as, pictures and journal entries safe. Yes there are smartphones and pen and paper. But pen and paper is harder to use at night, and smartphones have tiny screens. When i want to relax, think about my day, think about tomorrow, and do it all comfortably, pulling out my laptop from my dry red no 5 would be the most ideal.

  • charlesN says:

    wow I can picture putting my camera in there, my laptop, bike lock, phone, some tools, and I’m off, really nice backpack SWAG!!!

  • Nic says:

    Yes, I Try to keep my laptop with me almost everywhere i go, it’s got my life on it.

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