Plant Monitor for 2015

A time will soon come when baby monitors will be out of fashion and be replaced with ones for plants. In preparations designer Hyun Seok Kang has devised the Monologue. Just like any gadget that keeps tabs on babies, this one too relays info like temperature, soil condition, moisture levels and the basic mood of the plant. Is it healthy, happy or sad! The thang is voice activated and essentially keeps guiding you on how to be a better mommy plant. Love it!

Designer: Hyun Design


  • Swoosh says:


    Brilliant design and idea!!!!

    I desinged it….^^

  • Johnny says:

    If you watch them, plants already tell you how they are faring.

  • carl says:

    does a plant not already tell you when it wants water when its happy etc? surely this is an overkill on technology for dummys who do not know left from right with a common plant?

  • Rawwhale says:

    Did you see the grammar, spelling and pixelated images?

    This is complete gibberish… lets just give the kid a gold star and let him go back to eating paste.

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