The Any-Size-Fridge

Exploring air thermal insulation capacity using the inflatable alveolar wall, the FRIGID AIR refrigerator is flexible. This unique feature allows you to change the volume of the refrigerator and thus determine the cooling capacity for the amount of food stored. What this means is – you can expand and compact the fridge, depending upon how much food is there to be stored. A basic heat pump cools the food storage space and has no contact with the cold zone. Essentially the compressor and condenser are bundled up and don’t emit heat near the main cooling box. The main fridge bag is sealed and a protective waterproof textile is fixed on the inside using Velcro strips.

I like innovative thought processes that ignite change. Is this fridge design the best possible solution? Perhaps not, but it does force us to think of a modular form that can expand or contract as per the usage, and help save space and energy.

Designer: Guillaume Landin