Park Lover’s Pit-Stop

Viktoria Tomova’s urban outdoor rest area concept, Be Happy, features a unique mechanical awning system that can be retracted and extended via sunlight sensors or at the push of a button. The clean, minimal form of the U-shaped columns provides ample support for the protective covering while avoiding obtrusion of the view to the surrounding nature. Intelligent spatial decisions and purposefully placed seating also provide a nice balance of both privacy and invitation.

Designer: Viktoria Tomova


  • the design is just simple yet it is very very pleasing in the eyes.

  • Thanks guys from 🙂 yanko design 🙂 you make my day :-)))

  • Boby Setiawan says:

    Hi Viktoria, nice design!
    I am interested to know the design of the PVC structure tahta you mentioned in your dwsign above. Thanks.

  • I am not the best engineer at all but I will tell you how i see the idea. PVC structure must be from something light like aluminum and probably made from big assembled parts. I want the main construction to be light, but it will need something to make it stable and in this situation a concrete plate or plates connected to the main frames from PVC.

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