Apocalypse Please

The inspiration behind the Adjust watch was an imaginative, apocalyptic storyline created by the designer that involves corporate control, an earth left in shambles, and a group of surviving humans communicating covertly through a new language based on triangles. I won’t get into the details – but have a look for yourself at this representation of their experience.

Aesthetically futuristic and minimal, the watch consists of a strap made of pieces of flexible plastic that are molded to the likeness of links. The outer part of the case is more rigid with a flat top that features a cavity that hosts the display covers. The back is metal, contrasting the plastic pieces and providing an illusion of thickness to the case.
Time can be read in the combination of 32 LED triangles that emulate classic digits. One side of each triangle is slightly brighter than the rest based on the position of the internal diode. It may look cryptic but once this is realized, the user will find it easy to read time with hours on top and minutes below.
A number of interchangeable color filters also make it customizable to the user’s color preference.

Designer: Nico NL1