Instant Fix With Instant Stir

A quick fix to great coffee on the go is the Spoonin. It’s a coffee mix sachet where the stirrer is fashioned from the sealing seam of the package. I like it for its hygienic option, plus a person like me always carried my brand of instant fix on travels. This packaging can come handy as individual sachets to carry.

Spoonin is a 2011 iF concept design entry.

Designer: Maria Rho, Juhyeon Lee & Jinhyuk Rho


  • Maryline says:

    I like the concept especially from someone who used to drink a lot of instant coffee.

  • Jimmy C says:

    As long as it’ll be sturdy, I’m game!

  • claude says:

    Nice style, but I question the need of it? why have a cup and no spoons, where do these people live. extra needless use of plastic!

  • R says:

    It seems like a bit of a stretch to me. increased cost of packaging and questionable usability don’t inherently make for a better product. It’s one thing to say what the product will do, but it’s something totally different if you can say how the product will do it.

    As an aside, why not just use the package as it is currently produced to mix the coffee? It seems like there would be similar stiffness available.

  • designonetwo says:

    From someone who hasn’t had a spoon or stirrer handy when I needed one, and has had to swirl their Starbucks via around in their cup with the hot water, I think this is a great idea! And to me it is a trivial amount of waste to greatly enhance its function.Using the package would be a great solution if the package didn’t get all gross in my bag. Don’t want that in my coffee.

  • jaesy says:

    Or rather than having the stirrer packaged individually, why not add the stirrer in a pack of sugar? Then when you want to stir the sugar in the coffee you’ll have one handy!

  • seungho says:

    Nice idea!
    I was helpful. Thanks for info.

  • Hunter says:

    What if you only want cream / milk?

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