H2O Inspired Gallery

Zaha Hadid Architect and Roca announce the opening of the Roca London Gallery – a design inspired by the power of water as a transforming element to carve a sequence of dynamic, porous spaces for the gallery. Fissures and slices in the walls give permeability consistently throughout the gallery. The design theme of water extends to the facade, which appears as a set of ripples in movement across the exterior.

Designer: Zaha Hadid Architects


  • MDesigns says:

    Very nice. It remains minimal and has a flowing feeling. Excellent execution and finish.

  • Boomer says:

    Why is it that the sinks are more private than the toilets themselves. Not too sure how I would feel about playing Angry Birds while using the loo to the amusement of passer-byes (or the guy sitting next to me; those loos are really close together).

  • JAC says:

    This is beautiful…loving the futuristic contemporary design.

  • sanity check says:

    I think I saw this in A Clockwork Orange…

  • bigboxxx says:

    just love the fluid….

  • Incredible project which appears to flow beautifully. One of the most impressive features is the tiling on the bathroom floors, and how the tiles have actually been laid. Stunning

  • lilii says:


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