Table’s a Little Tricky

The latest from designer Marc Th. van der Voorn, the Branch table combines solid European oak and steel to create a subtle visual illusion that will stand out as the centerpiece of any dining room. Supported by matte-black steel rods, the thick tabletop appears to float effortlessly above the legs. A bit rustic and a touch modern- there’s no denying the craftsmanship here.

Designer: Marc van der Voorn


  • Ahmed says:

    I was thinking today that tables need new concept instead of traditional bauhause & minimalist designs, I think this is one of the best thing I have seen in a while

  • T. Avola says:

    not my taste, but nice and thought through idea. this post shows the enormous gap there is between people who know what they are doing (whether you like it or nor)and the others on this site.

  • Bob says:

    Interesting design for a picnic table, not very innovative though. Never have understood why these modern furniture designers get attention for what is really basic work. Also the table would most likely be quite wobbly without some form of stretcher between the legs pieces to stiffen the design.

  • katlyn says:

    not many ways to make a table, need a flat surface and equal balance between the base. I do believe you are right though, when I was in college I made a table with the same leg design, and it was fine front to back, but left to right it was pretty shaky. Not the best place to put my fish tank…

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