Raise Safety Quotient While Snowboarding

Daredevil acts while snowboarding offer their fare share of thrills, however one can never be too cautions and thus accidents occur! In such an event, especially when it’s getting closer to sunset, the friendly slopes soon turn hostile and every bit of survival skills need to be harnessed. Keeping this situation in mind, the trio designers have conceptualized a snowboard/post with an OLED Safety Light embedded into the surface. The light is easily activated and is incorporated in such a way that it doesn’t cause any hindrance during snowboarding or run the risk of breaking. A simply superb idea!

Raise Up Your Safety is an IDEA 2011 entry.

Designers: Jung Hoon Lee, Jung Eun Kim and Hyun Min Lee


  • vurusagel says:

    it looks an interesting investment.

  • rupert says:

    Interesting idea! As a snowboarder i’ve found that a pisted ski run can get very compacted over a week or so without snow, it gets to the point where you literally wouldn’t be able to stick the board in the ground.

  • Sweet looking snowboard, thanks for sharing!

  • tom says:

    WOW. wish i thought of that. I do not say that very often.

  • Jeremy says:

    its just a light and and a sensor added to a generic board.

  • jsj23 says:

    nice idea !

  • Andy says:

    not to mention not being able to was that area properly, also wen doing presses on boxes, you will ruin the led. A lot of issues with this design from the perspective of snowboaders.

  • Bo says:

    The white of the board also presents a fantastic contrast to the white of the snow…

  • Man, people can find something to complain about with every product! Looks pretty cool, though I’m not sure how often it would be needed. This, combined with an LED in the helmet and a GPS tracker, would probably be a good combo for safety. I wonder if it could be implemented in wooden snowboards?

    -James from Phoenix

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