Cook The Perfect Rare

I don’t cook meat so I really don’t have this perception of cooking with timer and temperature. But for those of you who do, the Electrolux Slice Concept makes perfect sense. This cooking tool is a combination of a sensor and timer that monitors food as it cooks. As the meat turns from raw to rare the sensor changes color, indicating that the desired temperature has been reached. I love the sleek finish given to the overall device, very minimalistic and clean.

Designer: Kyle Hay


  • michael konieczny says:

    …or just learn how to cook.

  • LiGu says:

    That would be great for my “BBQ Man” who only know how to cook his medium T-Bone as I want to have it well done…

  • Nivek says:

    That steak’s not rare! I would never buy a product that would consider a steak so well done to be rare, what an atrocity!

  • Hunter says:

    The steak pictured in Render 7 is definitely not rare. A rare steak will slightly but noticeably seep blood.

    Fix that, and I’m sold.

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