Children Need A Bear Hug!

Apparently pressure applied to the torso of autistic children helps keep regulate the sensory system to relieve anxiety, reduce unwanted behaviors, and help increase focus to complete daily tasks. The BearHug is a simple vest that inflates around the torso to give this support. The pressure of the jacket is controlled via this cute teddy bear’s paw plus the supervisor can monitor the pressure gauge settings. The good news is that this vest is available for beta testing and should prove to be a great help!

Designer: Lisa Fraser


  • Ray says:

    This might sound like a novel idea but you can use your body to provide the same kind of feeling to your kids. It’s called a hug. You can use the baroreceptors found in your body to measure pressure with the added benefit of being warm. Not sure how well this would work with autistic children though.

  • l11moon says:

    Brilliant! As an educator that has worked with students on the Autism spectrum, this is a good idea. Some students need this for a break, some need it for long periods of time in order to concentrate. This could provide for both. I like the costume idea, because some students that don’t realize yet how those breaks help will be more inclined to use the costume. The jacket is the one that I’m most impressed with because it can be used in public and will not draw any attention. Very nice job. I know classes that would love to buy this.

  • Lisa Fraser says:

    For more information on the product contact Lisa at: [email protected]

  • Lisa Fraser says:

    A hug is a great way to get pressure however there are some children with sensory disorders like autism that can not tolerate being touched. Temple Grandin as a child is a great example if you have seen the movie. Also, this product gives the child independence to vary the amount of pressure they need. They may need to provide pressure to themselves on the bus, in the mall, etc. In school, there are issues with care takers providing hugs for this purpose. Promoting this type of independence can allow the user to take control of their own needs.

  • som yong gui says:

    seen it before. be original

  • Lisa Fraser says:

    when I got the idea for this concept, I discovered later that there were a couple of others in the world working on the same overall concept, however not commercially available, and of course all having much different features and different looks.

    Also, this website, Yanko, focuses on form and originality can come from function and form. My product is original in both. There are also patentable features on this product. There are always going to be other people out there with the same core ideas, but no one can create the same design process and end up with the same result unless a product is attempted to be a knock-off, which this clearly is not.

    Let me know where you can find a teddy bear pump that inflates a dragon vest, thanks.

  • Jimbo says:

    What I find so itnerseting is you could never find this anywhere else.

  • dee says:

    autistic children dont cope with touch so much as us parents might like to give them a hug we carn’t!!!! pressure therapy for autiusm works well 🙂

  • Jimmy C says:

    @Ray: THe problem is in willing to hug your kid 24/7, quit you job, and forego all hope of a social life. That’s not possible. And if you’re worrying about warmth, add insulation. Simple.

  • Ray says:

    @Jimmy C: When I first commented on this I did not realize that it was aimed at autistic children. I withdraw my comment

  • Lisa Fraser says:

    A note from the inventor: We have decided to make this concept into a reality.

    Please check out for more info on the product and sign up for our newsletter. The vest will be available sometime in 2012 for purchase!


  • kisha says:

    love this idea i work with autistic children and one student in particular loves bear hugs and pressure applied to his arms but i cant stop every 5 mins to give it to him.

  • janice says:

    I am incredibly interested in this as my daughter has Tourette Syndrome and needs pressure but can’t handle touch always because of muscle pain. We have even tried wrapping her abdomen with a tensor bandage.

  • Lisa says:

    Hi Ray,
    The vest gives the individual the ability to apply how much pressure they need. This provides independence and they can do this anywhere they are. The individual is not relying on someone to hug them. The individual is in control. Autistic children often crave this sensory input to help their systems regulate.

  • Lisa says:

    Hi Janice,
    I have heard of a lot of parents trying this as well as other methods of applying calming pressure. You can order one for her through our website! I hope it helps her greatly. You can return the product for full refund if you are not happy with it for up to 60 days. All the best! Lisa-

  • Hunter says:

    Render 2: Johnny, age 3, said that?
    Somehow, I doubt it…

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