No More A Cookbox

Microwaves have always been boxy in design. Just changing their outward appearance isn’t innovation enough! The challenge is to come up with a practical design that is radical in features, plus space saving enough to abide by the modern-day kitchen diktats. Innowave is one such approach to out-of-the-box thinking. The microwave has been redesigned to fit in a kitchen like a regular drawer, thus freeing up the work surface.

Features include the mode stirrer, an extremely slow rotating aluminum blade that replaces the regular turntable. The front door is a hollow stainless steel structure, housing the electronics. It includes a magnetic steel switch that turns off the microwave instantly, protecting against accidental opening. The steel handle is attached to borosilicate glass containing the capacitive touch screen for navigation.

Overall I think this a refreshing approach to the tried and tested. What do you think?

Designer: Anoush Mortazavi


  • Ali says:

    It’s a nice idea with smart design.

  • Ls says:

    Young children would be able to access it though.

  • Patron Vectras says:

    How does the “Aluminum mode stirrer” replace a turntable? Do the microwaves get refracted by it? Am I forced to turn food every so often?

    It could use ventilation, but just leaving it open would let it be flushed and cleaned fast enough.

    I like the placement.

  • anoush says:

    Yeah the microwaves interact with all conductive materials, therefore the rotating mode stirrer (what commercial microwaves use) distributes the radiation more evenly throughout the cavity. Ventilation through the dual exhausts on either side out through the front vertical slots. cheers.

  • Patron Vectras says:

    well, I learn something every day ;] Fine work you have, there.

  • Olivier k says:

    smart, brilliant, just perfect !

  • david says:

    Awesome… call me when it’s ready I will buy the first 😉

  • WZhangID says:

    great idea, microwaves are such an eyesore. Will I be able to nuke taller items in this?

  • anoush says:

    Thats the one compromise: height. Most things fit in, except massive casserole dishes and jugs etc. I imagine that the product could be variated to the height of a pan drawer, if it were to go into production..

  • Teo Marcus says:

    Good idea. Is there a working prototype or it’s at designing stage yet?

  • Far Coded says:

    I don’t understand how you keep from spilling things (coffee, soup, etc.) when you pull open or push closed the drawer. It seems like it would either have to be left sticking out into the room blocking access to the counter etc. while operating, or be constantly cleaning up spilled liquid!

  • Ls says:

    Working prototype? More like, blue sky/wild ideas stage.

  • anoush says:

    There is no working prototype due to its complexity and cost as i don’t have any manufacturers to back me. however, it is a fully resolved concept that is well past the designing stage that has been through thorough testing & validation using prototypes. Not a working one though, although in theory it will work as it uses all the basic components of a regular microwave plus utilizes existing technology ie there is no new tech.

    and Far Coded, the containers have lids (as shown in one of the images).

  • sikiş says:

    Wow very witty invention.

  • SShiverBBrains says:


  • Ls says:

    Since it’s all existing tech, why don’t you scavenge parts from a microwave oven and build a working prototype?

  • anoush says:

    even if i forget about making the interface touch screen and the front door hinging and shelf, the body is aluminium (to block the radiation), the sides being extrusions as you’d probably know that’s too expensive for one person to fund. so to be honest, a diy prototype wouldn’t be safe. and i don’t see any way of changing the structure so it’s all folded metal and i’ve put a hell of research thought and consideration in it 😛

  • Jimmy C says:

    @SShiverBBrains: Good.

  • Jimmy C says:

    Well, it has my blessing. Just so long as people don’t forget and put silverware in it.

  • anoush says:

    cheers, and ha yeah there’s always that risk. there’s an additional feature that prevents the microwave from being activated with nothing in it though: an ultrasonic sensor.

  • garagecat says:

    The only cool thing about microwaves now is that they are not built in so you can replace them easily. Just like the built in oven/microwaves available now you pay for both item when the microwave wears out. You’d have to replace a drawer model with another drawer model.

  • anoush says:

    yeah my concept is built-in per se, but it can be replaced just as easy because the runners will already be screwed on to the carcass, so you just slide another microwave unit in. this concept is also designed to be taken apart and repaired very easily (by a qualified engineer, that is..).

  • Bill says:

    As far as I know, microwaves bounce around inside the oven and so there is no need for food to actually turn. This was a feature incorporated into the first microwaves so that people would get some sense of the microwave oven actually doing something (cooking food) instead of just sitting there.

  • anoush m says:

    Yes the microwaves bounce off the cavity walls, but the turntable is essential in domestic microwave ovens for even cooking.

    My microwave concept, like commercial microwaves, uses a slowly rotating metal blade to stir the microwaves around the cavity for even cooking.

    I appreciate your support though.

    For those who follow Kickstarter, keep an eye out for this, I should be up there soon! 🙂

  • Marty says:

    This is such a fantastic idea. Sure there are going to be some concerns to look at and address. There always are with new inventions!!!! This is a cooks dream come true in my eyes. One solution on children opening the door, just put a latch that is childproof, Problem solved. Turn food,why can’t a turn table be installed? Now the spilling of food when the drawer closes….that is a tough one. but I don’t have a problem closing the drawer s l o w l e l y to get this microwave in my kitchen TODAY!!!

  • Anoush M says:

    Cheers for your support dude. With the ultrasonic sensor that detects an empty cavity, and the interlock on the doors, these address the childproofing issue. The spillage issue you raise might need further development to iron it out. At this moment, I say, use a lid. The proprietary containers that come with the product have their own lids with vent holes. A turn table is not necessary. It may be difficult to understand the concept of a rotating steel blade underneath the bottom of the cavity, but this will ensure more even and thorough cooking than domestic turn tables.

    If you want to help me get a prototype, please keep an eye out for it on

    Much appreciated!!

  • Anoush M says:

    I’ve just realised that yeah kids can put toys in the drawer and it COULD turn on.

    Something else that needs to be ironed out 🙂

  • Celba says:

    I want one of these, You need to get it on the market, many people WILL buy

  • Abdul Mohsi Badriya says:

    You can resolve the spillage issue by making the unit open and close electronically in a soft mode

  • Karen Jambura says:

    What a great idea! What are the external and internal dimensions? Hopefully, a coffee cup could be warmed up in the drawer but not a baby bottle or quart jar full of sugared honey.

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