The Perfect Pocket Phone

I love me some snug jeans! The only problem is that I also love my big phone, and squeezing it out of my pocket just to check texts or the time can be quite a procedure. The slim, minimal Glance phone by designer Alan Farías is tight-jean friendly and features a genius little screen on its bottom side in addition to the larger main screen, so even when your phone is in your pocket you can take a discreet glance down to check the battery, see who’s blowing up your email, texts, twitter, or even to casually check the time.


Front 4 inch OLED screen with scratch resistant glass

Bottom 2 inch OLED screen

Front facing camera, and back facing camera with built-in flash

Mini USB connection

3.5 mm headphone jack

Dual speakers for stereo sound

Designer: Alan Gerardo Farías