Morphing E-Bike

Besides looking just plain sexy, the Shavit electric sport motorcycle features a very unique riding position system that makes shifting from everyday upright stance to racetrack oriented lean as easy as the push of a button. Handlebars, footpads, and seat height can be adjusted independently, allowing the bike to morph from racing superbike to urban tourer. Emphasizing the lack of a bulky fuel tank, the chassis and body are kept minimal but maintain the sharp, aggressive look of its street racer inspiration.

Designer: Eyal Melnick


  • geester says:

    When I left university in 1996 I was quite competent in my field and quickly secured a job as a junior industrial designer. Months later, whilst walking home I was abducted by a rather rude bunch of aliens. They told me some very interesting facts. First of all they said the “blue sky” project I did 2 years ago was a bunch of arse. They said that their extraterrestrial technology, when given to humans could allow us to create much more “realistic” versions of a bunch of arse. (they actually pissed themselves laughing at this point!). These aliens developed most of the current 3d software packages and most importantly, allowed us humans to render and present them in the most ridiculous ways.
    ……… anyway, as the rather rude aliens walked of towards their craft, they dropped behind the latest 3d software (of course which I made available), all of which is currently available on torrents to any human capable to knocking together a bit of 3d bolux.

  • Matt says:

    why do you think bikers (I’m one, so I know) sit BEHIND the tank? So that when they brake, and believe me, in sport bikes the brakes are vicious, they don’t FLY OFF the bike. Try braking from 100 mph on bumps and rough tarmac, it’s like bull riding.

    PLUS I agree with geester.


  • I love it! I’d love to take if for a spin! No grease, no mess. It’d be like driving in one of those old saturns that ran on electricity. And the best part is that since this thing is beefed up better than a normal motorcycle, it can carry more or heavier batteries than say if you were doing one of those mountain bike conversions. Are there any specs on performance or economy numbers? I’d be very curios to see. The only bad thing I can think of from this is that people would be hard pressed to hear you coming. Might be a danger factor.

    How much is one?

  • Brad says:

    Great to see all the new innovations!

  • eurgh says:

    @ matt
    I dont see your point about the fuel tank why would this be any harder to brake on, it might be different but it might be better, you can clearly see that the tops of the legs can push against the body so it looks more secure to me.

  • igorchak says:

    It’s nice and all…but it’s not really innovative…I don’t understand why the whole bike has to lower itself where u can just have the front suspension lover itself…in order to have that you will need air suspension or magnetic.
    plus there is a bike out the that looks very similar to this one..

  • igorchak says:

    sorry for misspelling….instead of “lover” I wanted to say “lower” xP

  • Pepe Sierra says:

    The geometry of the bike it´s completely useless. If you brake strongly, you die… It´s a good idea, but the bike measures are Sci-Fi…

  • Grey says:

    Looks exactly like the link “igorchak” posted. NIce renders though..really hope that breaking doesn’t become an issue (according to Matt) maybe its good for population control??

  • Eyal says:

    breaking and general ergonomics are not an issue, was tested on a full scale model and found quite comfortable. i`m riding for 12 years, currently on a modified gsxr1000 k4, and auite aware for all the issues regarding the rider`s wealth. this entire concept was based on the riding position configurations, and after came the general styling.
    the entire “fairing” lowers itself to create different visual between the setups, to create a different package.

  • diane leeman says:

    How much does it cost and how much to produce it?

  • patrick says:

    1) Battery Pack – Size looks very small unless you came up with some new battery tech that has a power density greater than Li-ion, or are people to recharge every 25-50 miles?
    2) Cg – I would have to guess it is high on the bike, based on where you put the pack, and considering the motor used currently in EV bikes weigh a fraction of the packs. This would appear to make the bike unstable in turns.
    3) No regenerative power from breaking (going to kill your distance between charges) if you have you have not accounted for the space and the break disks are secondary?
    4) 7 pictures from the top, I assume the really small red cable is for recharging the pack? the connection & cable are no where near the requirement for Eu or North America and you did not even provide enough space for the correct one. What were you planning for charge time 2 days?

    I am not trying to be harsh just a engineers point of view, I love the look, but as a avid bike rider and one working in EV it needs to be functional.

  • S1kRR says:

    this is all one awful design. one the tanks are wide for a reason so you can grip the tank with your legs. That is how you hold yourself up on a sport bike. (you use your legs and stomach to keep your body upright and put as little weight as possible on the handlebars.) and seeing how narrow that section is where the tank should be this would be a nightmare to ride. aside from the rider having a hard time controlling the bike.. you have the front forks..or lack there of. what ever is replacing the forks in the front would be so heavy compared to the standard…inverted forks…that the suspension would feel unresponsive and could lose front end traction. The whole point of inverted forks is that the lightest part of the fork moves not the slider tube, you get a much faster moving more responsive suspension setup. now I can keep going but this is just a stupid design. nobody would buy this as a “sport” bike.

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  • Ulrich says:

    This is a well-designed take on electrically powered motorcycles.

    One might argue, though, that if any fault was to be found with it, it would lie in the fact that the seat pan is probably positioned too high on top of the bike.

    I can, therefor, appreciate @Matt’s point.

    If my estimation is correct, the pan should be ‘lowered’ by at least 2.8 – 3 inches…perhaps even as much as 3.5.

    Just saying.

    Again, very well-thought-out. the minimalist design and ‘body-pivoting’ is cool.

  • luis says:


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