Luminous Pipe Lighting

E-M – Electronic Melody Lamp is an awesome piece of creation that is made from biodegradable materials, LED and solar paneling. Besides being decorative and functional, I love the way you can twist and create magical luminous lines that are different everyday. Let your imagination get the better of you! Do I see an ostrich today?

Designer: Fuming Wu


  • Good to see quality information, will pass this on to our customers as reference.

  • Light says:

    Wow,this is really cool,very good idea.I like it.

  • thibaud says:

    Where can i buy some ? let me know plzzzz

  • thibaud says:

    Where can i buy some? How much does it cost?

    let me know plzzzz

  • Kelly Chan says:

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    If you could,please e-mail us and tell us your decision. We really hope to work closely with you and bring your concept and works to China.

  • Carlos Domingues says:

    Where can i buy one of this and the price?
    thank you

  • Isabelle Schenk says:

    Beautiful concept and design… We would like to represent you in Brazil. If you have any interest, let us know.

    Isabelle Schenk
    Grupo NC
    Belo Horizonte – Minas Gerais – Brazil

  • carlos domingues says:

    How much it cost

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