Split Personality Notebook

Of all the words in the dictionary, you never associate elegance with Notebooks. But a look at the Split Concept, and I’m sure you will agree with me. Über elegant with a chic cover, the notebook is split into the various components like a tablet screen, independent keyboard, mouse and reading remote pen. All assemble together to become one great notebook or can be used individually. I really dig the sexy styling that Jung Dae Hoon has created. Not many can come up with such tasteful looking devices.

Designer: Jung Dae Hoon


  • Jarosław Ciupiński says:

    It looks nice and few things could be nice (turning keyboard around to have short keyboard with screen close, would be even better with touch screen 😉 ) but then, if one would try to move it slightly not talking about picking it up or using it in bed, then it could fell apart. And I don’t know how normal setup (touchpad, keyboard, screen) could be achieved. But then, it is not meant to be used as normal notebook, right? 😉

  • Peter says:

    In what program did you do the 3D model?

  • Alfonso says:

    This remindme another computer like this one seen in this same page…

    The cover is very feminist, I mean, it seems only for use by women…

    But the idea is very cool, I like it.

  • Grey says:

    Very cool concept, the styling might not be to my taste because, i have balls… but still nice..loads of competition out there though.

  • Thank u for ur concern.
    i used creation program, ‘catia’ and rendering program ‘keyshot’

  • liebkraft says:

    I’d buy this at once! It’s like the PC I’ve always searched for….like when an iPad and a MacBook Air have a bayb together 😉

    Anyway…I think Apple could actually make this working…and as for the Pen, I heavily think of the SmartPens from Livescribe

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