Can a Keyboard Get Better Than This?

As you can see that the Keyboard “ABC” has a pretty glossy finish and looks like a total glam-doll! Let’s just dive into the USP; it sports a complete touch surface and can be configured to any language with customized keys. What’s really cool is that you can change the keyboard color at whim and it works well for the left-handers too. It seems to be an LCD screen for the keyboard, with built-in memory for storing files. Now that is a good feature to have. My only two grouse: saving the board from fingerprints and if it can have the Apple keyboard-esque tilt.

Designer: Iaroslav Neliubov


  • jaroslaw ciupinski says:

    Would make sense if it wasn’t just touch screen but made of material that modifies its physical appearance so you could actually fell keys under your fingerprints. Otherwise, at least for me, it is just useless nice looking gadget.

  • Johnny says:

    Biggest Problem: Tactile feedback. There’s a reason why you can actually press keys down.

  • Max says:

    Totally agree. There’s visual feedback, but you’re supposed to look at your screen while typing, not your keyboard.

  • Theo says:

    This is a design in production already, its known as the optimus tactus keyboard.

  • Safi Ahmed says:

    the trendy typing sound is not too trendy yet.

  • Isi says:

    This is a pretty gadget for those who want a trendy keyboard and nothing else. First of all the lack of real keys makes typing uncomfortable because you no longer have a physical reference to whether you hit the key correctly or not. Those of us who touch-type without looking at the keyboard know that in most cases we know that we’ve made an error at the moment of input – and due to the physical memory of our hands. Secondly, the flat and slim layout may scream design but exudes a total, utter complete lack of ergonomy which is unacceptable for those who type for a living. Personally, I translate anywhere between 2.000 and 7.000 words a day and this keyboard would send me straight off to physiotherapy. Not every keyboard has to be designed for extreme usage but in my opinion design should always follow function and that is just not the case.

  • Kid says:

    Slick. Customizable…cool concept. Tactile feedback is totally a given, but has potential.

  • Mistures says:

    Pretty cool, very useful. But, a don’t like so much touch technology.

  • Adam says:

    CD? Really?

  • Nice looking keyboard but I will stick with my basic logitech keyboard.

  • cartoonly says:

    Looks good to me i am in need of a new keyboard

  • Ahmed says:

    I hate it, too much for a keyboard, it is pretending to be futuristic but it is not it may have cool graphics that make people say “cool”! But design is not about graphics it is about concept, peripheral devices future is about implementation, yes but also simplicity and convenience is above all.

  • Eric Kartman says:

    Segment definition is questionable.

    In this era, tablets are essentially used for content retrieval ( as opposed to content creation), because you cannot use the tablets conveniently for content creation, owing to touch input.
    Why will anyone again go back to a touch interface input on a desktop.

    How is it different from a tablet (without any functionality ofcourse)?

  • Michael says:

    To answer the question in comment. YES.
    For the best purpose alone of alone standing unit I would like to add projector as part of the keyboard. Maybe can be bellow hiden projection space for the places wher work can not be proceeded close to wall.

  • argh says:

    It is too much. why don’t you put a xobx into the keyboard?

  • Danylo says:

    I can’t see any reason for the cd drive work into the keyboard and not in a cpu, in a normal pc. But in a Mac, makes sense! And is cool!

    Two things I don’t agree:
    Firts is the feedback, like the people said…

    And the second is: This is a High Gloss keyboard. All the lights will reflex and dificult so much the read of the keys.

    This makes the product not funcionally!

  • alaor says:

    Another wrong case of “I am a 3D artist, so I’m a designer”.

  • Thomas says:

    Could it get better than this? Yes!
    Without tactile feedback it’s pretty much useless as a keyboard. A much better keyboard design is the Optimus Maximus Keyboard, or the keys found on the Razer Switchblade.

    And CDs? Really? Does anyone even use those fragile pieces of plastic anymore?

    And another thing that could make it better: dvorak.

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  • jwgu says:

    hey, I’m running a project on keyboard for tablet, i mean, physical, how could make it balance between tactile feedback and portable and willing to bring for the user?~

  • John says:

    I like it. I’ll take it even if it is just the keyboard and its customizable traits alone. I’ve been looking for a flat keyboard like this for a while.

  • Faisy says:

    Damn cool!

  • Ianna says:

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  • I’ve been looking forward to tech like this being developed. if i had some money, I would invest in it. Can’t wait to get one. Thanks

  • Faisy says:

    This is superb.

  • deadcat says:

    i say cool not useful enough

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  • K. Ray says:

    I want it!

  • naveed says:

    what is the price and Where can I buy this ABC keyboard?

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  • Nick says:

    For touch-typers like me it could be quite annoying using this keyboard as I would constantly want to rest my hands on the keyboard and when I do it would type something or do something I don’t want it to do. I do know however that there is a material that conducts electricity when pressure is applied to it but is an insulator when no pressure is applied, maybe this could be incorperated. I love the concept though, it’s super cool 🙂

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