Chinese Herbal Shower

I think the Medical Shower is a brilliant concept. Basically what it does, is it gives you a refreshing herbal bath, thanks to the use of Chinese Herbs in a teabag-esque sachet. Not all of us have the luxury of taking a soak in essential oils and aromatherapies. I have 6 bathrooms in my house but none of it with a bathtub! So this shower is the next best thing I can have for some self-pampering! Love the clever showerhead design too! Kinda like a filter to hold in the herbs.

Medical Shower is an IDEA 2011 Winner!

Designers: Mang Xia, Xiaoneng Jin, Linghan Liu, Fangtian Ying, Shijian Luo, Ke Li, Fan Yang, Qingyuan Chen, Shiyi Shao, Sisi Yuan, Zhening Luo, Yi Liu, Yiwu Qiu, Xin Sun, Tian Tan & Messizon Li