Keeping it Hot Hot Hot

Are you tired, run down, listless? Do you poop out at parties? Do you wish you had one device that acted as a flashlight, a candle, a rave machine, and could tell you the temperature of your bath water, all the while using everybodies favorite: LED lights? Well all the answers to your problems are in this little product. It’s called the LED Bath Light, and it tastes just like candy!

Before we go any further, I should let you know that this is a full-fledged upgrade of a design that Yanko Design reported on a while ago: [Bath Safeguard]. Check that out if you please, also.

LED Bath Light – The name will need a bit more pepping up, perhaps a bit more zazz, but the product itself is basically tops. Its foremost function is to act as a bath-water device, making your entire tub glow a color according to the temperature, but it also has several other modes:

Flashlight Mode, Color Mode, and Candle Mode.

While in the bath, LED Bath Light shows the temperature with color and with numbers listed around its ring. Flashlight Mode displays a bright solid light that’s used as a simple direct light source. Color Mode makes this product your favorite techno companion as the light moves between a spectrum of different color tones. Candle Mode makes the light imitate a flickering candle. Adjustments in color and brightness can be made to any of these modes.

And it has a charging base! Boffo!

Designer: Kai Chen


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