No Ticks or Tocks, Just Timeless

Mhin documents time with ambiguity so as to compliment the relaxing atmosphere of the home and aid your free time. In giving a vague approximation (~) of time, Mhin contrasts the specificity and scheduling associated with our daily lives. The unrelenting tick-tock and minute by minute progression is replaced by absolute silence and a slow consistent linear motion. Video after the jump!

Mhin is made from ceramic (body), rubber and metal (‘hands’). Its function and form constitutes a solid simplicity not firmly set in any era or movement. These decisions were made in order to aid longevity and ensure that the design intent remains intact over time. Mhin incorporates technology that ensures accuracy. Instead of advertising this intelligence Mhin masks the technology with simple mechanical motion. As the technology satisfies the functional requirements entirely there will never be a desire for an update.

Designer: James Tobin