Uniquely CKIE

In today’s mass produced and mass consumer market, it’s harder to find unique items. Design is/has become “common” and the really original pieces are priced far beyond what the average person can afford. Product design should be a vehicle for great utility and art accessible by everyone. Projects on CKIE like traditional ceramic making with a modern twist and upcycling a discarded sofa to an exceptional ping-pong paddle case are unique, rare and remarkable. We need to support these kinds of designs.

The Slurp Mug uses traditional Greek methodology of ceramic making to create ladle-shaped mugs. The Holey Jolly brings out a unique blend of contemporary design and personal experiences. Finally we have The Kelli Mink; a project that finds very good use for an old discarded sofa by transforming the useful leather into a stylish ping-pong paddle case.

Slurp Mug by DEDE DextrousDesign

Holey Jolly by Makiko

Kelli Mink by Pam Schriever