UPDATE: Black Diamond Dock is 100% Funded!

Many Thanks all you lovely people! Your support has translated into the Black Diamond Project being 100% funded. This success is all because of you guys, CHEERS!

This is no ordinary iPhone dock. The Black Diamond exudes a sense of richness and mystery. Think of it as 3D interactive mood lighting powered by a free iOS app. The dock itself is the receptacle. The magic happens when you slide in an iPhone/iPod Touch. A fantastical, dizzying array of colors wash across the gem-like surface of the sphere. It’s also a creative platform for developers. Using the Black Diamond as a vehicle, new apps using light can be created. The potential is there. $45 gets you one with free shipping.

There are few products I gush over but… I’m GUSHING. We MUST get this funding people! The supplied USB cable lets you keep your device docked and still sync to iTunes. There are multiple dynamic controls over the illumination effects and support for voice control is enabled. You can even assign specific colors to friends when they call and text. It acts as a great resonator for music playback and there’s even a progressive wake up function – the slow crescendo of light.

The people behind Black Diamond are almost there. They have the prototypes, they have the packaging. They just need people like you to back their project. $45 is pretty damn cheap considering it’s way more than a simple dock. If they get the funding, they’re even considering ways to further improve the utilitarian experience, e.g. a built-in amplifier.

Designer: Ken Ouyang on CKIE


  • Ashley says:

    Do want.

    I'm a little confused though, as to what happens if they don't get $15,000 by the end of the 41 days.
    Do the people who paid still get their Black Diamond?

    • takashiyamada says:

      You keep your money. You are refunded if the project goal is not reached. Keep in mind, If the Black Diamond were to go thru traditional channels, e.g. the store – you would have to pay way more. Going thru CKIE, you're supporting independent design. There's no risk or loss to you.

      • Laurent says:

        Do they also send to europe? And on wich account can i transfer the money, i really want to support this.

        • takashiyamada says:

          They ship international. You can pay with credit/debit card or Paypal.

  • Ashley says:

    Thank you very much! =)

  • Cris Ronk says:

    So, you help fund them and all you receive is a good price?

    Is there a way to become an investor?

  • random says:

    nice idea…

  • What a great idea about assigning specific colors to family and friends. Love it!

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