This sleek coffee grinder and brewer gives you coffee so fresh, you’ll want to dump your Keurig

In about the same number of steps it takes you to make coffee from a Nespresso or Keurig, the Gevi gives you a cup of coffee that’s brewed directly from freshly-ground beans… and it all lies in the appliance’s sleek, 2-in-1 design.

At first glance, the Gevi doesn’t look like your conventional 2-in-1 coffee maker. Those are much bulkier, and look industrial, while Gevi has a sleek, slim appearance to it. On the inside, however, the Gevi can both grind as well as brew your coffee beans… and it can weigh the beans out beforehand too, resulting in a well-calibrated brew that’s just right.

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A 2021 winner of the Red Dot Design Award, the Gevi rubbishes the notion that a coffee machine needs to look like a large, bulky, boxy appliance. With its cylindrical design that branches out into the cantilevered coffee-grinder and brewer, the Gevi capitalizes on visual drama, looking almost sculptural, like a ballerina on a single leg. While that description may be a little too artistic for what’s essentially a coffee machine, it drives home a point… that even a mundane kitchen appliance can be designed to look beautiful.

The 2-in-1 coffee grinder and brewer are visually separated into their two parts. The appliance comes with a base-platform that has its own dedicated weighing scale to help you weigh the beans before you add them to the grinder. The grinder comes with a bean hopper on the top to feed the beans in, while commercial-level 60mm flat steel burrs help create a consistent grind of your beans (while anti-static measures help prevent particles from sticking/clumping). The dose consistency from beans to powder of the appliance is around 0.2g.

You can choose from a whopping 51 different grind settings, ranging from a coarse blend for a french-press to a very fine blend for an espresso machine. The Gevi comes with its own pour-over brewer, for which an intermediate grind-setting works best.

After you’ve weighed and ground the beans, the Gevi’s own pour-over lets you brew them too. A touchscreen interface on the top of the machine lets you choose your bean-to-water ratio, water temperature, and water-quantity, and 3 rotating water spouts mimic the authentic pour-over technique, gently dripping water in a slow, circular motion over the coffee beans resting in the Gevi’s borosilicate Chemex-style pour-over jug. That isn’t just all, the appliance comes with an entire host of brew settings, ranging from an Automatic to a Barista mode, with even the ability to manually control your ‘recipe’ and save it to access it later on. Gevi is currently seeking certification from the ECBC (European Coffee Brewing Centre) to advance its own Barista mode even further… although it gives you complete flexibility to experiment with brewing techniques and ratios, so you can easily discover new flavors as you experiment with different blends to arrive at your favorite cup.

Once you’ve got your recipes set and you’ve picked your favorite blend of coffee beans, the Gevi simplifies the entire grinding and brewing process down to merely pushing a couple of buttons on the touchscreen while the appliance does the rest. The weighing and grinding become instinctive, and you can pre-grind your coffee beans beforehand if you’re lazy.

The machine’s internal 1000W heater heats an entire container of water in mere minutes, and the pour-over spouts mimic the pouring action of a barista, giving you a balanced cup of coffee. Every 11 gallons, the Gevi gives you a prompt to run the descaling mode to remove the hard-water deposits from its water-tank as a maintenance procedure, so that your machine runs flawlessly and your coffee tastes remarkable. As far as the word remarkable goes, the Gevi’s slim, cylindrical design comes in two colors to choose from – a classic silver and a copper blue.

Designer: Gevi

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