Conceptual HTC New Eden is Beautiful

The HTC New Eden 1 Concept is 1 of 2 designs to come out of the New Eden project, hosted by BriefMobile, that sets out to create the most appealing, feasible, hardware design for mobile devices. It aims to captivate with innovative and attractive hardware, as HTC did with the original Touch Diamond and other products that followed. The New Eden 1 is a device with a durable aluminum shell that combines traditional HTC design language with a fresher, more futuristic look.

I think it’s a good direction but something about the design, and to a larger extent all HTC phones, doesn’t feel effortless. Yes it’s clean and minimal but I think it’s time for designers to look elsewhere for inspiration. Apple has the whole slim aluminum and glass aesthetic down. It’s become a part of their DNA. Any manufacturer playing with those materials fall victim to the “it’s not an iPhone” category. There are other materials out there to play with – wonderful and tactile options that can enhance the mobile experience in a way Apple hasn’t thought of yet. Thinking caps ON!

Designer: Jason Wang