Find Your Bike

Have you ever paced up and down a rack of bicycles trying to remember where you locked yours up at? The Acousto Optical Lock is a steel ripe style cable lock that sends out an audio signal and lights up when you press a key fob. Great idea!

Designer: Liu Yu


  • DAVE says:

    that is a good idea but what if the key is lost…..
    a person can easily track down the right lock for the found KEY….

  • Ashley says:


  • Peter says:

    already have this on my bike… it's called a bikefinder and it's produced by Axa.

  • Vladimir says:

    and it's not infrared because it needs the direct visibility. If you're that close, damn.. you've already found your bike. 🙂
    Wireless radio communication should work on this just fine.

  • denny says:

    please can we hear the sound on —-you tube

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