The recent news of global tragedies like the tsunami in Japan and earthquake in Haiti really emphasize how much need there is for innovative relief products. LeafBed, Humanitech’s 2010 first prize winner for innovation in humanitarian emergency situations, is a sustainable bedding solution that explores the concept of adaptability by providing ready-made designs using local resources.

Designers: Juan Pablo Naranjo and Jean-Christophe Orthlieb


  • Mike Barnard says:

    Okay, it's quite a brilliant ship-in bedding / seating solution. But how is it made with local materials?

    • Sue says:

      Am pretty sure all countries have tons of cardboard lying around from all the products bought by people. And after a disaster this cardboard can be used readily and is available “locally” without having to be shipped from elsewhere.

      • Mike Barnard says:

        Hmmm…. requirements: Special cutting jigs to achieve the specific patterns. A large supply of dry cardboard in the right sizes and densities. Some trained people as folding them to achieve the combination of structural strength and comfort isn't going to be an obvious task.

        I suppose you could ship the cutting jigs and a small team to a cardboard factory and start producing them. Then you could distribute them out to people and train someone local in each location how to fold them.

        Then you have to hope people just don't burn them for heat or cooking.

        Seriously, I'm thinking Haiti after the earthquake or Hurricane Dean on several islands. I'm not sure there was much dry intact cardboard lying around or the means to necessarily build this out. Cardboard degrades quickly.

        • simon says:

          Then you have to hope people just don't burn them for heat or cooking

          ……That's the way I concern

  • nathan chen says:

    this is a very nice piece of design.. is it possible to sort of … cut out the bed from the conventional pieces of wastage cardboard?
    i think if that can be integrated sothat this design would be used in a very wide area globally..

  • Thijs says:

    Apart from disaster areas, this would also be handy for say camping. It would easily fit in my motorcycle bag.
    Okay I know it's not as a nobel cause as what it was intended for, but I'm just looking at practical purpose now.

  • Chris Graham says:

    Ahh, radical environmentalism. How I love that you would have everybody live the life of a drifter and sleep on cardboard for the sake of preventing the temperature from rising 1 degree Celcius in 100 years.

    • Mike Barnard says:

      Chris, please note that if you return this site isn't really set up for trolls. It's unlikely you'll be creating a firestorm of unproductive discussion through willful misreadings and ignorance. The largest number of responses I've seen is in the low 20s.


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