Toolkit for Impact Sounds

This collection of leather tools is purposed for sound designers in the fields of theater and cinema. The varying combinations of size, leather type, and shape create a wide range of percussion sounds from the thud to the shwud. Lightweight materials wrap up easily in a canvas folding pack, making the toolkit handy and portable. Personally, I’m a fan of the whump.

Designer: Chiara Onida


  • riccardo says:

    wonderful. where can I buy one, or two?

  • Fabrizio says:

    I saw them in Stockholm!!! I really love them…. GOOD WORK

  • Jack Packard says:

    Two things.
    1. A video with this would have been great. See all the tools in action.
    2. Where can I buy one? it looks like the perfect gift for every independent filmmaker I know.

    • crazymacaroni says:

      Yeah, good point. They need a video as a better example if they really want to sell this…

  • Terry says:

    Come on! A demonstration video at least! What is this? Website / Marketing from 1995?

  • jordan spalding says:

    AAAHHHH I need this!!!

    Where can I buy it, I’ll pay for this! Please Please send me an email where I can get this kit.

    Seriously this is awesome, this is perfect. I’m starting a web series about making foley sounds and this would be perfect!

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