Stylish Step Counter

The Strap’hand by Valentin Sollier is a pedometer targeted for high performance runners.  The ergonomic hand-strap design and oversized on/off toggle button is designed for simplified use without sacrificing accurate results. Connect the Strap’hand to a computer via the sleek USB dock to compare your competing stats.

Designer: Valentin Sollier


  • Mike Barnard says:

    Ummm… top-end runners wouldn't put any weight in their hands. They'd attach it as close to the center-of-gravity as possible, which oddly enough is where pedometers are normally attached. The reason is that any weight at the moving extremities of feet or hands requires an inordinate amount of energy to start and stop.

  • Walt Briggs says:

    Lovely Style! So contemporary.

  • @uopjo6 says:

    Style reminds me of Polar rather than Nike and I wouldn't want to cover up my hand for a pedometer. Maybe suitable for walking, or if it's gonna cover up my hand, i'd want a Pulse Reading function. Then maybe it will make more sense.

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