Bike Racks Done Right

Leave it to an Oregonian designer to come up with such a great bike-rack design.  The Yakima Super Joe Pro and King Joe Pro by James Owen are this years top-of-the-line racks.  High-clearance design met with ultra soft cushioning ensure your car is never comes in contact with your bikes. These racks are highly adaptable thanks to Yakima’s QuickTrigger Hub system- trust me, attachment easy as pie.

Designer: James Owen


  • Eddd222 says:

    Nice and detailed. I would have put the supports a bit further appart. Although the top support isn't carrying the weight of the bikes, If you hit a bump it might break your rear windshield.

  • mak says:

    wont this put a lot of pressure on the car door glass? as 2 of its feet are pushing the glass
    awesome design!

  • I do like to buy it but how much ???

  • jose says:

    That is perfect for a traffic fine.

    I dont know if its allowed to cover the lights or the plate in other countries. I know that in spain is an expensive bill.

  • What? says:

    Great design, but full of flaws, pressure on the glass, not good at all, plus, a design that covers the license plate is a no go, like jose said, you will get billed heavily if try to cover your license plate around europe, but that to me seems comon sense, dont understand how this got unnoticed…

  • arturo says:

    nice rack !!
    this is awesome !!
    It doesn't put pressure , I've used one of this type , the car windows ca support like 60 pounds , thats like 5 bikes , this is really good and functional!

  • arturo says:

    if it puts any pressure is in the lower part , not in the glass part … beacause you know gravity !!

  • Scott says:

    and when you hit the brakes the bike swings into the car (like other designs). What have you done to accomodate womens bikes with a dropped top tube?

  • Jerry J. Broz says:

    Why Yanko Design feature this bike rack which is already available in auto shops or through the auto sport catalogs – ” target=”_blank”>

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  • @genericnil says:

    My biggest complaint is that it doesn't look like the rack part with the straps can fold down with the support body. I ride my bike a lot and when I try to pass a car with a bike rack, it is quite scary because it sticks out a good foot from the rear bumper to accommodate the bikes, but when not in use it would be best if it could fold away with some locking mechanism.

  • Frankie says:

    you can't cover up your license plate like that… fail.

  • Frankie says:

    you can't cover up your license plate like that… fail.

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