It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…

Wait, no… it’s just your old stereo flying out the window. I’m not going to school you about vinyl VS digital, but seriously, could it get any better? The Dala vinyl player’s physical form has been adapted to incorporate new flat membrane speaker technology.  The speakers or “fins” make up the wing-like structure on either side of the platter. The Dala is sure to be the center of attention in any room, but if you are going vinyl- go big or go home.

Designer: Bradley Paulet

The “fins” or thin membrane speakers are of varying size; each one calculated perfectly to fully attain the scope of frequencies. Each fin is also followed by an acrylic reflector plate that is tapered in three directions, propagating the sound outward and left and right of the unit.  Sound is radiated 180 degrees in vertical and horizontal axes, achieving the best possible sound output no matter the location of the listener.

Each component has it’s own dedicated vibration dampening wall mount and suspension to ensure the best possible sound output.

The wireless control is minimal and can be housed in the main unit as a volume control knob or released and used remotely.