Writing with a Phone

The Traccia is a phone concept modeled on how we use a writing instrument, specifically a pen. The intuitive way we write on a sheet is translated to commands for the phone thanks to the embedded optical sensor  located at the end of the stick. Basically whatever you write gets translated to a command or function via the installed software. This means your invisible writing can be converted to SMS or an email, just like that!

The navigation design is basic with just three simple keys to one end. The built in polycarbonate gives the phone a natural feel and makes the touchscreen even more alluring. And of course no phone is complete without a camera, so the Traccia positions its camera at the center of the arc, right under the display.

All said I done, I just have to wonder if the grip of this phone is as comfortable as the rest. An arc on a stick doesn’t look ideal, but you never know till you don’t try it.

Designer: Andrea Ponti