Hammock O Water

This design is called Vessel, it’s a bathtub that without a doubt uniquely floats above the ground, letting you bathe in an environment unlike anything you’ve been in before. What’s the benefit? You mean what’s the benefit other than it’s completely amazing and there’s nothing else like it? This new design uses carbon-fibre technology developed for the autosport and aerospace industries to bring you fine surfaces unlike any comfortable place you’ve been to with your bare butt.

This new carbon-fibre the designers are speaking about is made for much grander stages, or is it? What do you consider a more important place – autosport and aerospace, or your own home? Extremely fine surfaces are found in exploiting the inherent rigidity of layered carbon fibre. Envelop yourself in the “Vessel.”

Stainless steel, carbon fibre and gold leaf
H 540 L 2400 W 610 mm
Edition of twelve

Designer: SplinterWorks