Bulges of Research Unto The Sky

This is one bubbly research station, made to be unique and futuristic but also one with the wealth of flora and fauna in the areas in which it will travel. This project is aimed at a museum by the name of Wilanow which aims to preserve as well as strengthen knowledge about protected natural areas – this natural world researched and appreciated from this, a science research vehicle capable of moving across the landscape in larger form or by breaking off into a smaller pod.

This dome of lovely greens is created specifically to make trips into the park that makes up the Wilanow Palace Museum and is meant to act as a reconnaissance vehicle. Imagine having a research class in this moving fantasy world! Fantastic!

The designer requested that we note that this design, Science Research Vehicle, is a proposal design for the Wilanow Palace Museum (Warsaw) open competition.

Designer: Mikołaj Ścibisz