A False Arm that Doesn’t Appear So

It’s the strangest thing, and it owes a lot to the advancement of medical research and history, that while eyeglasses have been fashionable almost from their inception, prosthesis have barely evolved at all in the hundreds of years they’ve existed. This situation has been addressed by Stephan Merkle in this project, AWEAR SERIES Prosthesis. It is through artificial skin and fashion elements that cover up advanced mechanical elements that make this project the leap into normality we should have made long, long ago.

Lovely and attractive elements cover up hinges and electronics, these myoelectric prosthesis allow the user to not only match their own physical appearance, they’re able to accessorize to the degree that such a perceived handicap should be, turning that piece thats missing into a piece that’s added. Take a peek at the video and gallery below.

Designer: Stephan Merkle