TRON Watch for Glowy Goodness

Wait a second, didn’t I just write about this? Wait no! I just wrote about something that’d go REALLY WELL with this, the Campbell version Light Cycle by Wallace Campbell! Ride on down the grid with that and this and you’ll be the bell of the ball. What we’re looking at HERE isn’t a cycle, it’s a watch. Everyone loves a good watch here at Yanko Design, right? This is no exception. Shiny lights and a unique way of looking at time? Right on.

The time here is displayed with hours and five minute hexa-slots – just how it should be, of course! It’s branded with the NEW Tron movie logo, that being Tron: Legacy. Take a look at the rest of the items we’ve posted in the extended Tron inspired world by, you guessed it, searching for the word TRON in your search panel (or by clicking [here])

Designer: Abhinav Dapke