Kitchen for Entertaining, Kitchen for Living

Behold a step into the world of making the entire house useful for a party. This is “The Dynamic Kitchen” by Darren Morgan, one made to transform from your everyday kitchen to be used by every family fellow across the nation to a multifunctional place of drinks and eats for all! This kitchen is designed to not only flows with the surrounding architecture, it transforms itself into “a stunning backdrop to any social occasion.” And you can buy it!

This kitchen is broken into five zones including Consumables, Non-Consumables, Cleaning, Preparation, and Cooking. The process of your day to day can be tailored to specifically upon purchase, but for this original edition, the designer used his own activities to dictate the flow. View now one fabulous looking room and food eatery – so full of bends, such a fantastic corner drawer set.

Manufactured by Glenvale Kitchens in Northern Ireland

Designer: Darren Morgan