Three Dimensions for the Fourth

Lemme tell you before we start, this is one of those concepts that, although it ends up being rather simple, starts really deep. This is a clock whose roots go all the way back to the history of humanity, the realization of time, and the portrayal of it in written or sculpted form. The designers of this clock recall ancient Egyptian Priests, Celtic Druids, Roman Engineers, and Renaissance Artists, each of them attempting to specify time with a single boundary. This breaks that.

To break out of the notion that all time is a boundary, and that although time is but a moment, it’s always moving in more than one dimension, the designers of this clock, “Monolith,” have taken time to two sides. This clock is a block, and on two sides of it the time is displayed.

This is an art work that can be made in any color. It’s got an LEG display, polished surfaces (glass or plastic,) alarm function, and works with batteries. To be placed on coffee tables, commodes, and office furniture.

This design is a 2010 Red Dot Design Award winner!

Designer: Negrocobre Design Studio