For Turtle Carrying

If you’re the sort of person who works with and in the sea, you’re probably aware of sea turtles. If you are aware of sea turtles and you’re the sort of person who works with and studies them, you’ll be interested in Tuto: a mobile workstation for studying and analyzing sea turtles. It’s basically a completely fabulous stretcher made exclusively for turtles, a mobile workstation that helps optimize activities such as body measurements, blood and tissue sampling, and tagging with Inconel tags.

Tuto allows for correct work posture for the user and immobilizes the sea turtle to maximize control and keep both the workers and the turtles as safe as possible. It is hoped that the very development of this project will raise awareness of the animals and the workers in the field, growing knowledge on the subject in the world and generate more support for it in the process. Sea turtle safety forever!

Designers: 2Y1DEA