Emergency Exits of Splendor

Many gigantic cities in this modern wonderful world of ours have underground transit. Under the ground you’ll find tunnels with trains galore, traveling all around the city and sometimes even under great bodies of water. Required with these underground tubes are emergency exits where people can easily escape or simply walk up in an orderly manner. What Paul Raff Studio and IBI Group Architects have here in Toronto Canada is a series of emergency exits with lovely style: FOLLIES, for your pleasure.

Each of these four designs are shown in the light and in the dark – showing how fabulous they show themselves to be during all times of the day. Each of these pieces of architecture aims to make a positive impact on the city they sit in, attempting to “integrate life safety requirements within a strategy that also addresses issues of human scale, context, and beauty.”

The exterior of each building is made up of colored multi-layered glass with a subtle artistic essence that’s passed on to each passerby. Glass employed on each of these buildings is strong enough to withstand a hammer blow. Each building here is made to not only reflect the designers wish to live inside a human society, but also to live inside the aesthetic context in where they specifically sit.

Paul Raff Studio is Paul Raff, Scott Barker, Tom Knezic, Farid Noufaily, Samantha Scroggie, Gary Siu, Sean Solowski, Jane Son, Ladan Sharifpour, and Alice Wong)

Architects: IBI Group Architects

Designers: Paul Raff Studio