AKA Star Wars Moisture Vaporators

If you’re the sort of person whose been living in the Western world over say, the past 30 years, you’ve seen or at least know about the first Star Wars movie: A New Hope. In this movie they speak briefly about this bit of technology called a moisture vaporator. It collects water in a way opposite of the evaporation process that sucked the land dry of its watery resources. In a very similar gesture, designers Chun Yen Tsao and Hsing-Tan Yang have created “Swater.”

What Swater does is use sunlight to collect clean distilled water from the condensation that builds up inside of the device. It’s eco friendly and probably will one day save the entire world. The awl-shaped cap has a solar panel that generates the energy needed to run the electrical heating tube and disinfecting light. Sounds reasonable, sounds fabulous. Skywalker approved, I’d bet.

Designers: Chun Yen Tsao and Hsing-Tan Yang