Metal Textile Combo Breaker

Emi Schenkelbach’s got the combos. She thought to herself one day, hmm, what would be awesome to do today? It would be awesome to develop a new unconventional method for combining metal and textile! That’s it. – And she’d be right. That is definitely an awesome thing to be thinking about doing. Focusing on the contrast between the softness and the rigidity of the two separate elements, a grid was constructed in order to combine them. And it was good.

Each “pinch” is a little bit of the grid. The grid remains the same throughout the material, and each bit of material has the same grid, but each bit of material with a grid appears unique.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to wear some of this as an armor at a punk show to defend against all those studs and sharp spikes? I’m for it. Good armor. Good defense against small bludgeons too I bet.

Also super fashionable. For all fashion peoples.

Designer: Emi Schenkelbach



Idea for Metal and Textile Combinations by Emi Schenkelbach