Four Dimensional Ultrasound for Non-Invasive Surgery

Sounds exciting! The problem the designer is trying to solve here is the fact that malpractice suits for minimally-invasive gallbladder removals are still prevalent. To deter this sort of situation, the designer aims to employ four dimensional ultrasound technology to better “see” the insides of the patient, including inside the bladder the surgeon is detaching. This 4D imaging is used currently to see real-time images of fetuses in the wombs of expectant mothers. What this device does it make that technology realistic for the operating table.

The second image you see in the gallery below is marked with several colored markers. They are thus:

1) Ultrasound probe (cable goes outside of OR for processing)
2) Probe truck (rides back and forth to provide the motion needed for 3D ultrasound imaging) (as well as in/out to match the curve of the patient’s body)
3) Drive motor (powers probe truck motion)
4) Ultrasound gel pad (adhesive pad that provides lubrication and ultrasound transmission)
5) Arm clamps (allow device to slide to match angle of patient’s body: see video for clarification).

Designers: Alex Broerman