Solar Powered Lights Just Chillin

In a very real way, shoes tied together by their laces and tossed up and around telephone wires identify the inner city, all around the world. Here, in this project that goes by the name Hanguenado, these shoes, or symbols of shoes, have the opportunity to represent something very different. Designed by [A]rmada, this project consists of two wooden light-boxes tied together by a cord that allows them to adapt to any given environment or use. Sustainable, cute, and lovely.

These lamps are built from local wood (local to their creation point), put together with water-based adhesives and finished with water-based finishes, and lit through low energy consumption LEDs. Each box contains a battery energized by a commercially-available photovoltaic panel that when combined and having collected the requisite amount of energy, is capable of emitting 8.5 hours of continuous light. Splendiferous.

From the designers’ files:

From English v. Hang, To fasten or attach -a thing- so that it is supported only from above s. Hanging out, To socialize with your friends.

1. Regionalism (Puerto Rico). To go out and enjoy in the company of friends; most of the time the term is used to refer to a type of fun.

Designers: [A]rmada