Tick Tock the Cuckoo Clock


I love Cuckoo clocks, they have always fascinated me since I was a child. My dad used to travel to Germany and brought one back when I was small and it was such a fun addition to the home. I’ve always wanted one my self, but the design of the older models just didn’t fit well with my home design style. Until now!

Intenxiv design group has created a modern take on the Cuckoo Clock. Their reason for chaining up the style is that they believe that since birds live in trees, that the clock should reflect that more so than a similar design style of a human house. So they created a tree like burrow for the cuckoo bird to live in on your wall.

The white clock face is on the sliced cylinder face which is angled for easily reading the time with a white hour hand and a blue minute hand. Each hour, the beautiful, blue bird comes out of his little burrow to sing a sweet song each hour – just like the older version of the clock. A great modern twist to an old classic.

Designer: Intenxiv Studio