Iron Doggy

The I-dog is a part of a limited edition sculpture series created by Elda Bellone designed to explore how sculptures cross into function. Made of white iron, it’s strong and gentle at the same time. Awww! Use it as an umbrella stand or anything else you can fit inside its structure. It’s adorable!

Designer: Elda Bellone Studio Architetture


  • Panox says:

    Beautiful! I want it!

  • Panox says:

    Beautiful! I want it!

  • Chris says:

    Hi there,

    Would love to purchase the I-dog. Unbelievable design and perfect for my new restaurant.

    Am more than interested. If possible, please let me know where one may be purchased.

    Kind Regards

    Christine Collins
    0439 941 735
    Melbourne Australia

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