Public Drum for Jammin On

Or just for sittin around. This is called the Street Beat Seat and it’s made for your sitting down and playing of some jams pleasure. It’s a lovely seat into which the drum is inserted and held in place by helix bolts. The drum can be replaced or changed at any time by professionals, and the thickness of the metal is meant to prevent vandalism of any kind.

Each of the drum keys found on the drum head is of a different thickness and width, creating a variety of sounds and tunes. The front grill transfers sound vibes outward and, helpfully, helps with drainage of rain and other such weathers that might fall in through the top of the drum.

The sort of drum that’s inserted at the top is the Tongue Drum, reported to be perhaps the most ancient constructed drum in the world, its creation, in its simplest form, being of such an easy method that it just happened to have jammed out some of the first tunes.

The dimensions of the Street Beat Seat are:
Length – 82 Cm
Width – 48 Cm
Height – 63 Cm

Designer: Nir Shemesh and Moran Ein Dor of Macaco Design Studio